“The gold in the Swedish forest is something that provides rewards for the rest of the year.”

Erik and Hanna are mushroom nerds. Every autumn they roll out from Örebro with their comfortable Polar 620. Out into the forests of Bergslagen. And they check carefully to make sure they’re not followed. For them, the gold in the Swedish forest is something that provides rewards for the rest of the year

We are in a townhouse neighbourhood on the outskirts of Örebro. This is where Hanna and Erik live, and hitched behind their car is a Polar 620 Customized, adapted to their needs.

The caravan has a 170 litre fridge and an extra, extendible tabletop. The tabletop is perfect for brushing, cleaning and cutting mushrooms.

“It’s usually chanterelles, and we dry them at 40°C in the oven.”

When dinner is served, it is often the caravan’s oven that’s at the centre of things.
Erik and Hanna enjoy the mushrooms all year round. Chanterelle toast is a frequent starter, but the golden mushroom is also used for all types of sauces, especially
for game.

“We like golden mushroom salad too. People don’t think it’s good, but the chanterelle provides both chewing resistance and a good and steady base with strong accents in a salad.”

When asked where their chanterelle spots are located, they react very strongly.

“We’ll never tell, not you or anyone else,” says Erik. “Not even our family knows where our golden stash is! We keep a watchful eye on so that no one follows us to any of our mushroom spots. It’s not just out of selfishness, this is a bit of a sport and at our age it’s a perfect fit – it’s based on knowledge and routine. No one else has got there ahead of us, so we hope that we’ll be able to keep them for ourselves.”

How was it that you decided on a caravan?
“I’m from the north,” says Hanna. “And I grew up with caravans. Once you’ve learned to appreciate that special freedom, you always want to get back to it. There’s nothing like returning to the caravan after a long day in the woods and sinking into the soft sofa, enjoying a cup of tea and a movie. After that you really fall asleep easily,” she says
with a laugh.

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