“Sweden has so many beaches. We decided to find the best.”

Peter and Katarina met rather late in life and became a family of four with the bonus children. Their Polar 620 is a perfect fit.

When we sit down for a coffee under the awning a bicycle suddenly comes rolling towards us. It’s Cajsa – just back from the beach and she’s hungry. She’s playing beach volleyball and wants something quick for lunch.

“Look in the freezer, dear, there’s pizza,” says dad Peter.

Cajsa mumbles something and turns on the fan and oven. Soon we’ll be hearing the timer
bell ring and lunch will be ready.

“Everyone in our family has different times,” says Katrina. “There’s no point in trying to gather everyone for common meals every day. Everyone can live as they please, it’s summer!”

The 620 has room for everyone. With the ingenuous floor plan there is both a double bed and a bunk bed. The awning area is almost like a youth centre in the evenings. There the kids can hang out with their friends and play board games. Or they can go in and watch a movie and take advantage of the caravan’s subwoofer.

“It’s a great place for watching movies,” says mom Katarina. “Just in case, we have got wireless headphones as well, so that you can watch without disturbing others. Camping with a really flexible caravan means that we’re ready for almost any situation that may arise. In addition, we have a large sofa bed that’s perfect when the children have friends along. Then we really have a full house here!”

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