Plenty of space and smooth on the road

A larger caravan with many different floor plans. Here you will find smart storage areas that make it easy for you to pack everything you need for your adventure on the ski slopes, for your fishing trip or when hitting the beach. Despite its size, it’s a pleasure to tow behind the car.

Facts POLAR 620

Length with A-frame: 824 cm
Interior length: 619 cm
Total weight: 1700-2000 kg
Living area: 14.72 m2

Single-axle caravan
Weighs less and is easier to handle, for example when parking.

Select floor plan

How many berths do you need? How much luggage do you need room for? Does the caravan need to be adapted for specific activities?
Choose a floor plan to suit your needs.

620 CTV X

Bed: 198x145x130 cm
Seating group: 160x132x225 cm

620 TR TDS

Bed: 198×142/126 cm
Seating group: 160/132×225 cm

620 TR LB

Beds: 198×90 cm, 190×90 cm
Seating group: 160/132×225 cm

620 TR DB

Bed: 198×135/120 cm
Seating group: 160×225 cm

620 BK

Beds: 198×135/120 cm, 2 * 194×62 cm
Seating group: 160×225 cm

620 LB

Bed: 2 * 198×90 cm
Seating group: 160×225 cm

Quick guide

LB Two separate single beds
DB Double bed
CTH Double bed with toilet in right rear corner
TDB Crosswise double bed against the rear wall of the caravan
DBD Double bed and small dinette
BK Caravan with children’s room
BR Children’s room
TDS Crosswise double bed
TR Bathroom the full width of the caravan
CTX Toilet in the rear corner, extra seating group in the middle of the caravan
TRX Bathroom the full width of the caravan, extra seating group in the middle of the caravan

Select model series

Start from one of our three model series when you create your own Polar.


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We build our caravans in the toughest of climates.

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