When you are creating your caravan, it’s important to think about what life in the caravan will be like. Who is going to be using it and how will the caravan be used most? Is it important to be able to make up beds for additional overnight guests, to dry wet ski wear or have fully equipped kitchen with an oven, hob and microwave? And finally, in what style do you want to decorate your wagon? Take inspiration from our various solutions!

The lounge – A room with a view

Space for everyone and everything. The perfect spot for socialising and spending time together. It’s a dining room, TV room and living room, all in one. The seating group is designed to provide space for as many people as possible, and you can be sure of sitting comfortably on the extra thick cushions. It can easily be converted into a sleeping berth, and just like that you have an extra bedroom. You are free to choose what you want your lounge to look like. What fabric or leather do you want for your seating? What type of curtains do you want – classic style with tie-backs or straight panel blinds? It’s your choice.

The kitchen – The heart of any home

Cooking while on holiday shouldn’t be hard work – it should be simple and inspiring. A well-functioning kitchen with ample surfaces and storage is a top priority. And that’s exactly what you get with all our kitchens, plus a window to enhance the feeling. You can choose an induction hob and gas oven as optional extras, so you can cook just as you do at home. Whether that means slow cooking or roasting the seasonal turkey, it’s no problem at all!

Children’s room – For the most important members of the family

Travelling with children should be enjoyable and trouble-free. We’ve got it covered with our child-friendly caravans. Our special children’s room solutions provide them with their very own cosy nest right at the rear of the caravan. Bunk beds with twin curtains allow children to have their own little den – available as an optional extra.

The bathroom – A touch of added luxury

Whatever your floor plan, you are assured of a well-planned bathroom with ample storage. All shower corners are separated from the rest of the bathroom by a smart folding partition that takes up minimal space. For a more spacious feel, you can select a bathroom that extends across the entire rear width of the caravan.

The bedroom – The thickest mattresses on the market

Enjoying a good night’s sleep on holiday should be a matter of course. Sleep recharges your batteries. All of our beds come with the thickest mattresses on the market. The temperature of the sleeping area is regulated separately, and clear partitions from the rest of the space are integral. Ensuring the whole family gets a good night’s sleep. If you want to create more space in the daytime, our extending crosswise double bed is the perfect choice. The bed can be set to divan position, which makes it 16 cm shorter. And of course, this is available as an electrically powered function. Under the double bed there is a practical storage space, and the bed can be lifted up to facilitate cleaning. If you choose single beds, why not opt for the luxurious ‘breakfast-in-bed’ position.

The toilet – Convenient and rotating

A cassette toilet is included as standard, but to avoid all the work of emptying and cleaning the tank, choose a gas-powered incinerator toilet instead. It is simple to maintain and more hygienic. Before using the toilet, you simply place a watertight bag in the bowl, after which the incinerator does the rest of the work for you. Each use of the toilet requires around 100 g of gas. One week of use results in approximately 200 ml of clean, odourless and bacteria-free ash, which you can even use to fertilise your plants. To empty the incineration chamber, the entire toilet seat lifts up for easy access.

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