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Never forget that you’re free. You don’t need a paint pot and lawnmower. Take your family on a journey instead. Drive to the places you want and make plans according to the weather. Let your children decide. You can still call in at the cosy restaurant that you two visited years ago. The world’s your oyster with a Polar caravan. Hand-built by Master Craftsmen, with the thickest insulation on the market. Actually, you were never tied down. You’d simply forgotten that you are free.


Caravanning is a carefree form of living without the hassles that come with owning a weekend home. No lawnmowing, window renovation, painting, repairs, fixing chimneys and re-tiling the roof… those never-ending jobs that take up all your free time.

For a few weeks of the year you can feel completely free. That feeling is priceless. Go where the weather is best, move on to somewhere new when you want – cities, countryside, seaside or mountains.


Each Polar caravan is hand-built by Master Craftsmen and has the thickest insulation on the market. It gives you complete freedom. The caravan is comfortable and problem-free in all climates. Get to know our Master Craftsmen here!

Maybe you spend every day working in an office. We think you should seize the opportunity to discover the nomad in you. A caravan lets you get closer to nature, to yourself and your family. So go on, live life, and don’t forget that freedom is a very precious gift.

Enjoy your travels! Get to know our dealers here!

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