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From now on, all Polar caravans will be fitted with a 7-inch tablet (iPad Mini size). We call it the Polar Panel and it has a built-in DAB FM radio and Bluetooth. It has an easy-to-navigate display from which you can control most of your caravan’s systems. The Panel’s software is then continuously updated just like the apps on your phone. The Polar Panel will be extended with features that make owning a Polar even more enjoyable. Right from the start, it allows your authorised Polar workshop to make online updates of all the electrically-controlled components in your caravan – the same way that Tesla continuously updates and improves its cars.


What if you could switch on the heating from the ski lift queue? Or check the status of the caravan’s battery from the comfort of your home? Well, now you can with our new, convenient Polar Connect. This is our updated system for connecting you to your caravan. When you download and launch the Polar Connect app, it only takes a few minutes to create an account and get started controlling your caravan remotely. Simply follow the instructions in the app and select your subscription option. For example, the app allows you to control the heating, refrigerator and lighting. You can also check the status of your caravan, see if it has been moved and switch on the alarm. Communication with the caravan takes place mainly via a built-in SIM card, which is activated automatically when you create your account in the app. You can download the Polar Connect app for both iOS and Android.


For anyone who has an older Polar caravan
(Older than 2019)

Even if you have an older caravan, you can still communicate with it via Mobile Multi Control. Below we have set out connection instructions for our older caravans.

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