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Here at Polar, we work continuously to make improvements, both big and small. Here’s some of the latest news:

Polar AR

Polar AR is an app that uses Augmented Reality. Once you’ve downloaded it (from App Store or Google Play), you can find out more about Polar caravans. Point your mobile phone at ads and the catalogue to get even more information, watch video clips, presentations and more. You can also rotate the caravans to view them from different angles. We’ll be adding more exciting features to Polar AR in the future. Download our app today and get started!


From now on, all Polar caravans will be fitted with a 7-inch tablet (iPad Mini size). We call it the Polar Panel and it has a built-in DAB FM radio and Bluetooth. It has an easy-to-navigate display from which you can control most of your caravan’s systems. The Panel’s software is then continuously updated just like the apps on your phone. The Polar Panel will be extended with features that make owning a Polar even more enjoyable. Right from the start, it allows your authorised Polar workshop to make online updates of all the electrically-controlled components in your caravan – the same way that Tesla continuously updates and improves its cars.


Last year we experimented with introducing corner kitchens as an optional extra for our most exclusive range, Customized. It was such a huge success that we are now introducing corner kitchens as an optional extra for our Original and Selected ranges too. Our popular caravans, like the 560, 590 and 650, are now also available with this feature. The corner kitchen offers improved ergonomics and makes meal preparation that much easier. And with the smart worktops, it’s more fun to do the cooking together.


From now on, all Polar caravans are fitted with stylish, practical and soft FibreGuard fabrics. Engineered from the latest generation of fibres, FibreGuard fabrics are seriously easy to clean and keep stain-free. So if your dog leaves dirty paw prints, you spill a glass of red wine, or a jam sandwich lands upside down on the sofa – it’s not a problem! FibreGuard’s technology is certified by Oeko-tex (Standard 100) confirming that the fabrics are produced in an environmentally responsible way. There is no special finish on the fabrics. Their stain-free properties are permanent (like GoreTex) and are due to the construction of the fibres. FibreGuard is the result of
years of research and testing.


Adjustable head ends are also new as standard on the long and double beds. Raise it to the angle you want, locking the mechanism into a sturdy notch, so you can sit up in bed and read a book or use your laptop in comfort. Taking comfort to the next level!


All our cushions are sewn in Sweden. They all carry a little Swedish flag to show this. The Swedish textile industry is still alive and we feel it is important to use the skills that exist in the local community.


You can now choose a polished metal finish as an optional extra in our most luxurious range, Customized. Polished metal gives the interior a lustrous and very clean look. It is also easier to keep clean than hammered metal. Otherwise, it is just as good and as rigid as hammered metal. Our polished metal is also easy to repair if it becomes damaged.


The drawer storage systems in all the kitchens are brand new for 2020. Each drawer has its own soft close mechanism for silent closing. Just push the drawer and it slides shut automatically. What a wonderfully luxurious feature.

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